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The project

A childhood dream ... "to give birth to champions on the land of my grandparents"

A dozen of broodmares on 30 hectares of land at the foot of the Pyrenees.

This project was born in December 2015 after three years of gestation.

At the beginning, named Haras SC, the stud became Haras des Pyrénées in 2020.

This land is known and renowned for breeding.

We have frequent watering, thanks to regular rainfall even in summer, at the foot of the mountains at an altitude of 400 meters.

The winters are cold to regulate the microbial world.

More than 80 years ago, anglo-arabe Horses were bred on our ground.

Since then, only cows have grazed there and some cultivation had been alternated.

Exposed full south, facing the Pyrenees, our horses evolve in peace facing these majestic landscapes.

The objective was to maintain an eco system between the component species of “nature”.

A little more than twelve broodmares living on these land, with the respect of a rotation allowing to preserve the full potential of the nature.

We are a group of leaders from the South West to share this project.

Our objective is to bring to maturity 12 foals each year, bred for flat racing and to put our various experiences acquired in business at the service of this majestic animal.

We therefore put in, all the human, technical and material resources necessary for their well-being.

Our Terroir

Our land

We take special care in monitoring the parcels of the stud.

Only our horses graze our meadows.

The pastures had never been grazed by horses before.

• annual soil and hay analyzes

• provision of natural, bio-dynamic basic fertilizers, aimed at improving nutritional exchange

• high rotation of plots by alternation and rest

• working the plots all year round, short mowing and mulching, harrows and mowers

• maintaining the height of the pastures to conserve a maximum of leguminous plants

• the hay is made of different terroirs

• the seedlings are made up of twelve plants to diversify the flora and nutritional intake

• hundred-year-old trees for refreshing shade in summer

• bocage hedges for shelter from wind and rain and animal bio diversity

Our facilities

Our facilities are made up of 24 boxes spread over the 3 large plots.


Our foals are not born at the Pyrénées, but in well-known and reputable studs,

as our objective is to be as close as possible to the stallions chosen for the breeding season.

Our choices of stallions are made with great care. No travelling is too far for us to go to the right stallion.

We are looking to improve the genetic crosses, but also physical qualities that are complementary to the dams ones.

We have a great team nearby the stud farm (blacksmith, vets etc).

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